Heal Thyne Self

Heal Thyne Self 

A site offering a variety of healing and holistic modalities.  

  This web site is also the Home of MAP, a team of talented and gifted Mediums who provide services within Calgary and surrounding area. 
Please select a MAP page for more information on our team.


Life's Journey

Life is the most powerful journey you will ever embark upon.  It is full of positive and negative experiences, and it is how you handle these experiences that will make the difference in the type of life you live.  

I cannot make you do anything you do not want to do, and neither can anyone else.  You have the power to heal yourself.  It is only you that can make the choice to have or create a different life, to be truly happy, and to take back control of your mind, body, and spirit.  Others can help you, guide you, teach you, but in the end, it is you that will Heal Your Self. 


Feeling good is not a luxury for the elite; it is something we all deserve. 


 The Soul's Desire


There are three aspects to every human being.  We are a combination of mind, body, and spirit.  These three aspects work together and keep us in balance.  If we do not honour all of these aspects of ourselves, we are not in harmony and life is not at its best.  Learning to understand how our mind works, our body, and our spiritual side, can bring us peace and personal power within. 


"It is your soul's desire to be the best you can be." 

My thanks and deep appreciation to the women that have helped me make this site possible.
Heal Thyne Self is a business owned and operated in Calgary Alberta, Canada 

Disclaimer and Privacy Statement
This site provides information designed to assist the reader with greater knowledge about healing, self-care,  personal insight, and services.  It is not intended to replace or prohibit conventional healing practices.  The information provided is a collage of many sources, including books, other web pages and articles.  Any personal information,including email addresses will not be shared with other organizations.  All information will be kept in strict confidentiality.  

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