Mediums and Psychics 

Welcome to MAP – Mediums and Psychics 
MAP is a team of very talented and gifted Mediums and Psychics that came together in 2012, to provide support and services within the community.
As a team, we provide monthly events for those seeking to connect with loved ones and as individuals, we can be contacted to supply one-on-one private sessions.  
It is our mission to provide the best possible service! 
Mediumship is the practice of communicating with the spirit of those that have passed.  A medium can connect with the spirit of friends, loved ones, and even pets, to provide evidence that the spirit is eternal and supply some level of comfort or assistance.  

Psychic abilities are defined as being able to perceive information hidden from the normal senses. 

A medium can work with different types of paranormal sensory capabilities.  They can gain information by using their Clairvoyance abilities in the following manners:

Clairsentience- through feeling or touching
Clairaudience- through hearing or listening
Clairalience- through smelling
Claircognizance- through knowing
Clairgustance- through tasting

MAP Events

Once a month MAP hosts an evening with Spirit. Everyone is welcome, but registration is necessary, to make sure there are enough mediums per guest.

This is a fun event with one-to-one readings and podium demonstrations.

Please refer to the MAP Schedule for event dates.

Contact Information

We can be contacted at or phone any reader listed on the MAP Readers page.

We look forward to seeing you soon! 




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